The Sweet Zen Spot

April 24, 2020

by kendra lock

As a small business owner you're used to the hustle.  What is hard to come by is the flow, not to mention the Zen.  After a long hard project you may be asking yourself, "Hey Universe - Where's my Zen?"  We're all brought up to believe that if we work hard there will be a pay off someday.  And I believe that's still possible and achievable - even now, after Covid.

Seeking out a sense of calm should be part of your everyday existence whether you run a small business or not.  You owe it to yourself.  Life is hard, we get used to it.  What is difficult for many of us is anticipating and enjoying goodness when it arrives.  A lot of folks suffer from some form of Fun Phobia.  These are your kind and generous types that for some reason will not relax until everyone else is comfortable and happy.  You find them rushing around checking in on their customers at work.  While at home they're making phone calls and checking their social feeds to see how friends and family members are.  By then its time to shut out the lights and start it all over again.  Sometimes these are the wonderful people who have a hard time sleeping at night.  Don't be one of these types of people!

Try taking better care of yourself, your needs and your dreams.  Carving out some me-time does not have to be a big deal.  Wake up an extra 30 minutes before everyone else and make yourself an extra special mocha cafe.  Take your run, journal or watch a quick funny youtube video - something to start your day out all your own.

During the monied periods of your life go the route of hiring a meditation coach, an art teacher or seek out a smart and flashy fashion stylist that you spend an hour with a week to mix and match your weekly wearables.  Now that is extravagant for sure!  Whatever helps you relax and gets your mind off business for a bit.  

Years ago I spent a great amount of my leisure time on the golf course.  One day I had the opportunity to golf with a fairly well-known former Hollywood actor turned Marin County real estate developer.  Although he was heading into the sunset of his life he was still very handsome, happy, healthy and kind.

We were coming up on our last 2 holes of the course and he began schooling me on my game.  His golf tips helped my game tremendously.  I learned a lot from this gentleman that day. 

Something I will never forget.  He told me I needed to find the sweet spot of my club - that would shave off a few strokes and help me to hit the ball further with less effort.  He actually showed me the "sweet spot" on one of my clubs.  He told me to focus on that and the rest is easy.

To this day I continue to think of that kind, successful man.  Let's take a play out of his playbook, shall we?  With his simple yet amazing words of wisdom - I urge you to find your Sweet Zen Spot.  When the hustle becomes a bit much remember to take care - by taking a break.