Brave Sensibilities

April 20, 2020

BY kendra lock

It has seemed bewildering to say the least in recent days when I sneak myself out of the house at 4am in the morning.  Sometimes I only need 2 items.  I'm impatient and cannot tolerate having to hover in the same spot for long in the new era grocery lines.  I'm a little hummingbird and my energy has never allowed me to be patient or stand still. 

So this is the new normal the media keeps telling us about.  And what is not normal is my new 4-minute ride to my favorite grocery store in San Francisco.  It used to take me a 15-minute bumper to bumper drive up 101 to get there - early mornings or not.  So technically I love parts of the new normal.  Hence the early grocery run.   

I have always loved early mornings - they're void of the daily rush.  And now it's even quieter which is scary got me thinking. 

What makes sense about the quiet time?  What makes sense about the freeway system absent of millions of cars?  For one - pollution may go away and two - less work on infrastructure which means an abundance of federal money - maybe?!  These are good things I tell myself.  But...  

The reality is that the freeway system is quiet because millions upon millions of folks are unable to work right now and they're losing their much-needed income.  That part is sad.  But I like to think beyond the crisis.  In time, can we not begin to allow everyone that can - to stay home and work from home.  If we can then open the freeway systems to the service industries, construction trades, and all others that actually need to be at a worksite - then in time - we will have unburdened our freeway systems.  This is exciting looking at the big picture. 

Taking it a step further begs the ask - would the commercial rental market fall apart?  Major corporations would no longer have to accommodate it's workforce with cubicles, desks or computers.  A whole lot of emptiness in Downtown USA - I suppose.  But I know people who need that real estate!  There are millions of people who are barely making it out there.  If we could open this real estate to the homeless populations, recovering and hopefully soon-to-be recovering drug addicts - and all others who need a hand up.  This population of people who have been lost through the cracks are owed some assistance! 

Who would foot the bill on this?  My first calls are to Big Pharma, Big Alkie and the tobacco industry.  

Pharmaceutical companies found ways to get soccer Moms hooked on pain killers.  Many of whom eventually sought out cheaper street drugs creating a drug epidemic never seen before. 

Corporate alcohol pushers have been turning innocent college kids into life-long alcoholics plying them with cheap and tasty beverages known to be addictive. 

How many people have to die from cancer before we stand up?  How many babies must struggle to understand life without a sober parent before we get brave? 

Tobacco, drugs and alcohol kills people.  All of these substances are addictive and it's not fair and it's not right that these corporations are not held accountable.  Addiction leads to mental illness leads to homelessness leads to the destruction of families.  Period.   

When humanity is brave enough to peek behind the curtain we get to see the wizards at work.  Who knows how many bazillions of hours and marketing dollars went into their secret addiction studies and formulas? 

Oh yes, bravery is scary but what have we got to lose?  When will we, as an existence - be ready to confront these issues head on?  Are you ready to do some fancy accounting - by holding those accountable?  Together we can figure out ways to fix our brokenness. 

If you have a drinking or drug problem do yourself a favor and get help.  Being an addict is not your fault - seek assistance.  If you know of someone in need of rehabilitation do a favor for them and locate services and resources for them

Bottomline - any human being addicted to drugs or alcohol probably paved the way for any number of Budweiser or Marlboro executives to put their kids through college just on the money that addicts spent to stay buzzed.  Somebody else's hardship became their profit.

The time has come for us to gather together and make a stand against all who harm, destroy, decimate and murder.  Let's be smart and clear the fog.  Taking back what's owed us makes very good sense during this senseless time.


Thanks for reading.  Have a great day - share a smile - be useful - and have a cookie!

Signing off - Kendra Lock