Anyone can write a novel - but can you code, Man?

April 21, 2020

by kendra lock

Coding and writing applications are the modern-day equivalent of writing books.  In ancient history, cave walls were carved.  Then stone tablets were inscribed with tools.  In time, humanity evolved.  In more recent times we've all come to understand the ease of pen on paper. 

Today the medium and tools are programmable computers and keyboards.  Coding is now used to explore and manifest our imaginations, build systems and solve problems.  For some - creative writing proves more elusive than building technology work-arounds.  In the end, programming is just another form of inscribing our imagination onto something that currently has a huge impact on the future of our species. It is everywhere and it controls everything.

Both writing books and developing code are all about language until it's more about architecture.  Do you want to express or do you want to build?  Do you want to share or do you want to direct?  Years ago, folks who had a great amount of extra time on their hands pondered if they should write a book.  Now it might be more respectable and profitable to build and develop an application.  

Coding is turning into one of the most sought after skills as we push our seemingly endless technology boundaries.  Learn to code - get a job.  Whether it's true or not - word on the street is that anyone can pick this stuff up.  It is rocket science but at the same time - it's not!   College degree in coding not necessary.  Bootcamps are the vehicle to learn software programming and development.  

Bootcamps are intensive, immersive instructor-led learning programs that teach beginners digital skills like Full-Stack Web Development, Data Science, Digital Marketing, and UX/UI Design. Bootcamps vary in length from 8 to 28 weeks, with the average bootcamp being about 10 weeks long.  Coding bootcampers will obtain everything necessary to go to work right away including languages, frameworks, and common programming concepts and ideologies.        

Curious about coding for myself (at one time) I decided to research some forums to read what programmers and coders were saying about their chosen profession.  

1.  They say the money is good.  And for many, that is the end-all.  The base income of a programmer provides the means for a fairly luxurious existence.  So that was mentioned frequently as I perused the chatrooms.

2.  Balance.  Is it utility or pure creativity?  Many developers come to understand that coding is both a practical skill and a creative outlet. 

3.  You become the boss of your computer!  And that my friend, is power.  Depending on what project is being developed, as a coder - you do get to make a fair amount of decisions that will affect those using your application.  So, in a sense - it's a real control freak's dream!  For some - that's exactly what they love about it.  The control they have in pushing, perfecting and dictating how others will use their systems.

4.  First to market.  Nobody will develop the same program in exactly the same way making your codeword your own just as you could have written your own novel, book or screenplay.  It's all yours and nobody can steal it - well technically it's safe if the right safeguards are met. 

5.  Doing good deeds.  Developing more efficient and timely solutions to challenges with

intricate levels of intelligence is the goal.  Coding and building frameworks to meet those goals is pure and honest work.  So if you have ever had the inkling - go for it.  The world needs more coders!

There are challenges in all of this that must be considered.  Not all coding is good.  A great amount of fraud and hacking occurs via the smart quiet coder that sits in the back corner of the office.  They usually sit near the door to make an early exit just when they know the JAVA is about ready to hit the fan! 

The other thing to consider is that coding can become addictive.  If you choose to do the right thing and send your kid to coding bootcamp don't blame her when she won't come out of her bedroom to leave for school in the morning!  And as a proud parent - you wouldn't want it any other way.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great day - share a smile - be useful - and have a cookie!

Signing off - Kendra Lock